On Blockchain by Bloki

The Multifunctional Asset Processor permitting to use the Blockchain Technology to record
and to trace Titles and Digital Documents in the entire life cycle of an Asset

Bloki in Primary Industry Mainteinance

We know how much is relevant the Ordinary and Scheduled Maintenance in the Heavy Primary Industries
Bloki is the platform to be sure right tasks has been executed in right way and in due date

Bloki in Real Estate and Land Properties

Bloki can be used to solve issues in land and home rights improving efficiency and reduce risk.
By recording property records in a blockchain, title insurers would have easier access to the information they need to clear a title.
The fact that the Blockchain is tamper-proof will help lower real estate fraud in emerging markets

Bloki in Finance

See how Bloki could play a major role in innovating KYC and AML processes
offering a new medium to exchange assets without centralised trusts or intermediaries

Bloki for Music Publishing

Try Bloki to share or sell your tracks with the whole world…without third parties!

Bloki in Health

Manage each identity and custody transaction on the Blockchain
assuring that the chain of custody of sensitive health data
is easily auditable and protect

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Bloki allow you to use the strong points of the Blockchain: Disintermediation, Decentralization, Private Keys, Fingerprinting, Data Encryption

Tamper Proof

Bloki enables the User to record Data of the entire lifecycle of Assets (Titles, Jewelry, Videos, Music, Visual Art, Real Estate, Maintanance reporting) in a decentralized P2P database
in Unmodifiable, Traceable and Secure Mode


When your organization or your relationship need to trust in Asset contents and History, Bloki furnish you the certified way to create a reliable timestamped transaction cloud as this transaction data cannot be lost or corrupted by anyone

Full Neutrality

Bloki guarantees full neutrality in the Asset Management.
Titles, Certifications, Digital files are absolutely not stored in Bloki because it doesn’t retain any sensitive or confidential data

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After Login you can start managing your own Assets uploading digital files into Bloki’s Blockchain Ecosystem in an safe, permanent and secure way.

With Bloki, taking care of your Asset is easier than ever


Verify the Life Cycle of your Assets !

With the Verify function only you can trace all transactions related to your Assets, following every step of your Asset Life Cycle in just few clicks


It's as ease as 1 - 2 - 3!


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Manage your Assets

Let's Create new Assets, adding and verifying digital documents from birth to dissolution of your values


Bloki provides a fast 24/7 support by mail or smart ticketing system

User Informations

For easy identification, Bloki has a labelling system called "Transaction Info" that allows the user to quickly trace of Digital Files.
Transaction Infos are chronologically related only with the Verify function, no one except the user can know the content of transaction

Change of ownership

Bloki uses Smart Contracts to manage change of Ownership issue


With the Dissolution feature you can stop the Life cycle of your Asset in unmodifiable way, informing the Blockchain that the Asset is dissolved

Cost saving

You can keep costs down using Bloki, choosing Prepay or Postpay modality

Full Customizable

Bloki is easy to edit and full customizable. With its points system you can define the cost of each action

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