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Bring the Power
of the Blockchain to the People

Community Organization Enterprise


Smart Contract and Consulting

Blockchain Education

 In-house Platforms and DApps (Bloki, Certy)


B2Lab  is  a  competence center and factory for Blockchain Technology.

Mission based on three pillars:

  • Build internal expertise (knowledge)
  • Build relationships with worldwide players (relationship)
  • Implement and release services based on Blockchain Technology (make)

The Product tells itself

Supplier – and only he – associates with the Product the contents that tell the Story. The Supplier / Product /  Description is not counterfeit.
These contents are inserted by the Supplier  by signing each operation with the private key and are the self-certified and non-counterfeit story of the Product.
The Supplier assumes responsibility for the truth about the ‘history’ of the Product.
The Consumer  reads the history of the Product directly on the Blockchain by Smartphone. The certified contents read give the truth to the Consumer who will always have secure answers, trust and truth.
Bloki is an immutable and fully accessible processor  that makes the Producer responsible, strengthens the trust in the Product and in the Brand, guarantees the Consumer and supports checks by the Control Bodies and Consumer Associations.
The products will stand out from those who have their story on Bloki (🙂 🙂) and those that do not have their certified history (🙁 🙁).

Membership and Partnership