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Bloki Improves Customer Experience

Bloki – the cross industry Platform to manage end to end   Identities and Assets,
from certification to change of ownership – makes an important step forward
to improve  the customer experience.

During the ‘Creation’ of an Identity or an Asset, the  Release 2.0 allows to choose the
associated Public Key to be used in all the other functionalities:

  • or the long alphanumerical sequence
  • or Name (PID Name o Asset Name), chosen by the User once and for all and easier to use after

Let’s see an example!   An Identity (Personal Identity, PID) can be identified on Blockchain Level :

or by the alphanumerical string (public key) from  Blockchain: 0xa372af134805c6fbe40f87df81ed5ee7a85dd4b8

or, alternatively, by  Name choised by the User (PID Name) :  mariorossi1998




The same choise  can be done regarding an  Asset.

Thanks to the improvements in Release 2.0,  the Bloki User can therefore associate a
Name to  Identity  or Asset, during the Creation.
So during the following usage, the same User no longer do boring ‘copy and paste’
on its own device (PC, Desktop, Smartphone) of the alfanumerical string instead
can simply use, more fastly and less errored,  the Identity Name (Pid Name)
and the Asset Name
Obviously, these Names can be rembered easier also simply mnemonic.

About Author: B2Lab Team

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