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Bloki Close Up: Check&Certify Module !

Bloki development has steadily continued over the last months to approach the launch of the new Bloki Module called Check&Certify.

This new feature allows the User to certify any kind of digital content on the Ethereum Blockchain. This is possible thanks to a Bloki Smart Contract that take the fingerprint of a file, store it into its data structure and allows, following, strong comparison and validation during the time.

What can I do with Check&Certify ?
With this function just entering your Identity Credential you can certify a document, program code, music, folder or video on the Blockchain with a timestamped and labeled record, managed by a Bloki Smart Contract.
Subsequently another Identity (an auditor, the same or a different User) can check compliance of his digital content with the original certified one, also registering the result on the Ethereum Blockchain.
In addition each Identity  can easily check how many digital contents it has certified over time visualizing fingerprint, timestamp and file information.
With Check&Certify Bloki leverage Blockchain technology to ensure the existence and integrity of verifiable data records, exploiting the tamperproof Smart Contract functions in order to parse if digital contents are compliant with the certified  originals.
This Module opens the door to many use cases as notarization of legal document, validation of Biometric data,  code integrity check, data certification, auditing process, quality management and much more.

Let’s remember the other Bloki Modules allow  to manage  end-to-end the  Identities, the Assets, the Property Chains Identity-Asset and the Asset Change of Ownership beetwen a Seller-Identity and a Buyer-Identity with Payment and Escrow Service.

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