Safe and Innovative Solutions for the Digital Society

 B2Lab is an Innovative Start-Up (Ref. MISE) Center of competence and of solutions builder on
Blockchain, Cryptography and Artificial Intelligence

B2Lab services

Smart Contract
and Formal Audit

Blockchain Private Ethereum Construction and Operation


B2Lab Academy for Blockchain Education

B2Lab Platforms

bloki per claudia

Your "Portion" of the Ethereum Public Blockchain
"Blockchain As A Service

The SANISTORY service for the guarantee
of the Sanitation process

Safely store your documents with
the Digital Safe Deposit Box


Certify and verify properties and creation times
and management of original digital content

The producer certifies the truth about the 'story'
of products (luxury, made in Italy ..) e
the consumer reads the 'story' from his smartphone

Membership and Partnership