Bloki for
MadeIn & Luxury

Bloki for tracking and anti-counterfeiting.
To know the quality of what we eat.
To protect our health and our excellence in fashion and food.
To protect our investments, reputation and brands.
To protect us from the “parallel market”

Bloki for Pubblishing Digital Contents

To share your data and your information
in a safe and invincible way,
only with whoever you want and when you want.

Bloki for digital preservation

To ensure authenticity, integrity, reliability and traceability of your document

Bloki for Real Estate

Bloki in real estate.
To secure brokerage processes
To certify over time all the activities carried out on a property
and securing the history of the building (building file)

Bloki to Manage Digital Assets (digital twins)

To safely manage Digital Assets and Certificates.
The Digital Identity certifies, owns and exchanges Digital Assets with other Identities.

Bloki in Operational and Idustrial Work Flow

To certify that the activities are carried out in the right times and in the correct manner
Organizational flows and operations in the various sectors

Bloki in Fintech

For the change of ownership of an asset from one Digital Identity to another
without the need for a centralized manager.
Usable in all cases where official registrations are not required by law.

Bloki in Healthcare

To manage every identity and transaction with the certainty that the health data is protected and accessible in a correct way
For the tracking of medicines


The Bloki Platform is your "portion" of Public Blockchain Ethereum
Allows you to use all the advantages of "team play"
of Blockchain, Cryptography and Artificial Intelligence

Whatever your business sector, Bloki is the best “Blockchain As A Service” (BAAS) solution
to manage Digital Identity and useful life and possession of Digital assets (digital twins).
With the Private Key associated with your Identity (Personal Identity – PID) manage, from creation to oblivion,
all stages of the process involving the Assets.
Only you own and use the Private Key which is not stored on our systems.
If you want a “your” Bloki environment to manage independently
and integrated with the platforms of your company, choose the ‘Connect’ version.
If you want a “your” Bloki environment to manage independently to resell
with your brand the features to your customers choose the ‘Corporate’ version.
If instead as a professional or private citizen you need
of a single Account we provide you with the GOTOCHAIN ​​powered Bloki service.
With Bloki you use your Blockchain “piece” flanked by Cryptography and Artificial Intelligence
To save and improve your products, your reputation, your safety and your compliance
.. and you are clearly visible as ‘Blockchain Adopter’.
Read on and find out how

Bloki Connect - Bloki integrated with Platforms already running

Do you know that your organization benefits from the integration of the Blockchain into your existing platforms? You can do easily
The solution is Bloki Version ‘Connect’ (Enterprise-Ready, and White-Lbel) which can be integrated with existing business platforms (WFM, Documentale, CRM, etc.) thanks to the BSS protocol – Bloki Secure Sockets. We integrate your Bloki Connect Portal into your Platform in 5 working days and the Platform is interfaced with the Blockchain in the simplest way.

Bloki 'Corporate' - Bloki for Service Providers expanding their offer with Blockchain solutions

Are you an Advanced Service Provider and do you want to add to the services that you already offer an indispensable and economic solution that makes exploit the Blockchain to your Customers? Then you need a dedicated Bloki environment in your branded version with your Logo. Resell Bloki features to your customers. We activate your Portal in a few days and your Customers will practically use the Blockchain in the most immediate and reliable way !

The service for SMEs, Professionals, Individuals
to have its own Digital Safe

Are you an SME, a professional or a private individual who wants their own Digital Security Box where you can store – in a secure, immutable and unassailable way – any type of digital content (tax documents, securities, certificates, etc.)? Do you want to have complete, exclusive and secure management?
You need a GOTOCHAIN Account and use it freely thanks to your Private Key and with a minimum top-up.
From Bloki we have obtained GOTOCHAIN, an application to meet the needs of the wider retail market.

Bloki is also the engine
of three vertical applications


Safely store your Digital Contents
using a Digital Safe Box


Certify original digital contents and/or verify
ownership, creation and management times

The Producer certifies the truth about 'history'
of products (luxury, made in ..) and
the Consumer reads the 'history' certified by his smartphone

Does your organization / company want to enrich its value proposition and enter the Blockchain sector?
Now you can make Bloki available to your customers.
We are launching a ‘Partnership Program’ with companies active on different markets.
Let’s deepen together and bring the Blockchain to your market!

Let's deepen the partnership together

Some of the Bloki functional features

The advantages of the Blockchain without the complexity

Bloki allows you to use the strengths of the Blockchain (Disintermediation, Decentralization, Cryptographic Keys, Digital Signature, Data Encryption, Decentralized Processing) in a simple and intuitive way without being a specialist.

Certainty and security

Any operation made on Bloki in the management (creation, useful life, transfer of ownership, etc.) of Identity, Asset and Digital Content is authorized
through the Private Key held only by the person (physical or legal) associated with the Digital Identity.


When an Organization or a Community needs to have contents and 'history' of a safe and certified Asset, Bloki allows it with a guarantee of the sequence and the time.

Full 'neutrality'

Bloki guarantees full neutrality in the management of Identity and Digital Asset.
Titles, Digital Certificates, Digital Content are not stored in Bloki. Bloki does not "hold" data.
Bloki is a platform that does not know the confidential data of the Customer by design (Zero Knowledge).

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La Legge di Bilancio 2019 ti aiuta ad abbassare i costi quando migliori i tuoi processi con Bloki

perchè porti innovazione nella tua Azienda.

Bloki è disponibile nelle seguenti Lingue


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Digital Identity

Bloki creates your Blockchain Digital Identity and binds it in a certain and non-opposable way to your Public Identity


For a more mnemonic identification, Bloki adopt a proprietary system based on "Transaction Info" that allows you to easily track Digital Contents.
Transactions are temporally connected and unnecessary except the user can know the contents of the transaction.

Change of Ownership

Bloki uses proprietary Smart Contracts to manage the change of ownership

Scalable and customizable

Bloki is white label and usable as Indipendent Istance Module.


With Dissolution you can interrupt the life cycle of your asset on Bloki in a way that can no longer be changed. The life cycle continues to be available for reading

Right to Cancellation

Compliance to Article 17 GDPR. The User can directly cancel the Identity and the Assets. The digital contents certified on the Blockchain will no longer be available neither for the User nor for others

Cutting Operational Costs

You can save money by Bloki

Best Services in Compliance

You can improve your go to market and the compliance of your company

Smart Contracts

B2Lab proprietary Smart Contracts are verified using international best practice methods and thanks to Bloki you can use them. (Ex to build your Digital Identity, Associate your Digital Asset with your legacy Identity.. ). Only you, owner of an asset, can make the 'transfer of ownership' even at zero price to a buyer, in just a few clicks.

It isn't important what your business sector is !
Bloki is the best "Blockchain As A Service" (BAAS) solution for managing the useful life and ownership of your digital assets