BlokiReader to protect Made in Italy


Lets get to know
the origin and quality of a product in a simple and safe way
reading the features directly from the
Blockchain with a Smartphone


BlokiReader for the Truth About the Advantage Products History
of the producers

The Producer – and only he – associates the Product with the information that tells its “history” along the entire production chain: origin of the raw materials, sustainability, how it was made and preserved, certificates of authenticity and originality, videos, certificates etc. This association Producer / Product / History is incontrovertible.
The contents are entered by the Manufacturer, and its Suppliers for the semi-finished products, by signing each operation with the Private Key and are the certified story of the Made in Italy product.


BlokiReader for the Truth on Product History in favor
of Consumers

The Consumer, using his smartphone (IOS / ANDROID) and through smart labels (QRcode, RFID NFC, Advanced hologram) reads the history of the Product directly on the Blockchain. The certified contents that it reads give the truth to the Consumer who will always have safe answers, trust and truth.
BlokiReader is equivalent to an immutable and easily accessible register that empowers the Producer, strengthens trust in the Product and the Brand, guarantees the Consumer and supports checks by the control bodies and consumer associations.


BlokiReader can also be used on a PC

You can now check the history of a product written by the Manufacturer with his Private Key on the Blockchain. Get the name of the product, click on the button below and enter the name of the product in the mask that appears.

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Full 'neutrality'
Public Ethereum Blockchain
Change of ownership
Right to be forgotten
Cut operating costs
Scalable and customizable