Certification of a Digital Content and its Owner



Certifying digital content and its owner is now easier than ever!

Certy is the App that allows you to certify original Digital Content on Public Ethereum Blockchain.
You create an immutable link between original Content – pdf, images, projects, music, videos, etc. – and the Owner (Digital Identity Blockchain and Legacy). Unbeatable link.

After certifying your Digital Content, Certy issues a Certificate which summarizes for convenience the references of the unchangeable registration established on the Blockchain of the ownership relationship between the Owner and the Content. Smart Contracts optimize certification.

After the initial certification, again via Smart Contract, Certy allows any Account to easily and automatically verify the compliance of a content in its possession with an original and to whom it actually belongs.
This verification, very important fact, is fully automated through Smart Contract!

In addition, Certy provides the Certifier with the complete list of certified Digital Contents with all related data.


The use of Certy

Who uses Certy ??
Certifiers, Auditors, Notaries, Lawyers, Authors etc.

Does the Certification made with Certy have legal value?
Yes, because Certy uses the Ethereum Public Blockchain. The most stable, used and recognized public blockchain in the world when it comes to using smart contracts.
In Italy important legislative passages have given legal recognition of Blockchain and Smart Contract. Amendment approved in the Senate on January 29, 2019.

“Article 8-bis. (Technologies based on distributed registers and smart contracts).

1. “Technologies based on distributed registers” are defined as information technologies and protocols that use a shared, distributed, replicable, simultaneously accessible, architecturally decentralized register on cryptographic bases, such as to allow registration, validation, updating and storage of data both in clear text and further protected by encryption verifiable by each participant, not alterable and not modifiable.

2. A “smart contract” is defined as a computer program that operates on Technologies based on distributed registers and whose execution automatically constrains two or more parts on the basis of effects predefined by them. Smart contracts meet the requirement of the written form after computer identification of the interested parties, through a process having the requirements set by the Agency for Digital Italy with guidelines to be adopted within 90 days from the entry into force of the decree conversion law law.

3. The storage of an electronic document through the use of technologies based on distributed registers produces the legal effects of the electronic time validation referred to in art. 41 of EU Regulation no. 910/2014.

4.Within 90 days from the entry into force of the law converting the decree law, the Agency for Digital Italy identifies the technical standards that technologies based on distributed registers must possess in order to produce the effects referred to in paragraph 3 . “

Why Certy ??
Proof of Property who is the Certifying Owner of the Digital Content
Proof of Compliance of a Digital Content with the original Certificate
Proof of Existency of a Digital Content at a specific time (timestamp)

The added value of Certy ??
Certy is based on Smart Contracts which define the certified logical link between the Digital Contents
and the identity (Personal Identity PID, rif Bloki) of the Certifier.
The ‘Certy Smart Contract’ automatically verifies compliance with the original certificate.

Do you want to try the Certy Web App within the Bloki Platform or the Client DApp version?

Take a look below to discover the two versions of Certy!

Certy Web App

Certy Web App is perfect for a simple and clear experience. You can certify your Digital Content without managing an Etherum Wallet or purchasing Ether.

Certy DApp

Certy DApp (Client Version) is Certy’s open-source solution. You can use your Ethereum wallet to certify and verify your Digital Content.
For the more experienced .. prerequisites:

-Mozilla Firefox browser or Google Chrome

-Metamask installed, an Ethereum wallet.
Ether must be present in the wallet in order to actually proceed with the certification.

Note well
In order to certify your Digital Content forever on the Ethereum Mainnet, the Certify Content function requires a minimum fee. Check Content and Content List instead are free.