Certify your Digital Contents on the Ethereum Blockchain

Certifying digital contents is now easier than ever!

Certy is the application that allows you to certify  Digital Contents of any extension on the Ethereum Blockchain.
You can create an immutable record by notarising pdf, images, projects, music, video etc
in a tamperproof way on the Blockchain. 

After notifying your Digital Contents, Certy will issue a Certificate that represents
the immutable record stored in the database managed by smart
contract that ensures the successful certification with these details:

-Encripted fingerprint of your Original Digital Content
-Your Identity as Certifier of the Original Digital Content
-Memo label for the Digital Content
-Hash of the related transaction to certify the Original Digital Content by Smart Contract
-Timestamp of Certification of the Original Digital Content

Then, again through Smart Contract, Certy allows the User to easily and automatically
check the compliance of a Content with the Certified Original.
Just entering the public key of the Certifier wallet and the content to verify.
Certy automatically makes the comparison of the fingerprint on the database managed
on Blockchain by the Smart Contract and returns the result,
this verification is fully automated and not manually as other similar applications do.

Certy also provides to the Certifier  the complete  list of the Original Digital Contents
notarized   till now with all the data

Who are the Certy’s Users !!
Certificators, Auditors, Notaries, Lawyers, Autors etc.

Reasons why !

Proof of Ownership  concerning Certifier/Original Digital Content
Proof of Compliance of a Digital Content to the Original Digital Content
Proof of Existence of the Original Digital Contents at certain point timestamp


Certy’s added value ?
‘Smart contract Certy’ manage the certification of the digital content
and its owner address called Certifier and the related logical link.
The ‘Smart Contract  Certy’ automatically check for the compliance with the notarized


Certy web application

Certy Web Application is perfect for a clean and easy user experience. You can certify contents without managing a wallet or buying Ether on cryptomarkets.
After sign up you will receive 100 free credits and then you can quicly refill your account by clicking recharge  buttons.

Here you can find the Pricing:

Ratio:  1 Euro for 1 B2Lab Points

Identity Creation   5 B2Lab Points
Certify Content   6 B2Lab Points

Check Content  1,5 B2Lab Points
Content List : 1,5 B2Lab Points

Click here to Signup to Certy web application!

Certy client version

Certy client version is the open source flavour of Certy, where you can use your own Ethereum wallet to certify and check contents. The Dapp is running client side as a static page interacting with Ethereum smart contract and the source code is fully verifiable by anyone.


-Mozilla Firefox browser or Google Chrome

-Metamask installed, a digital ethereum wallet.
You will need to put ether into it in order to certify digital content.



Please Note:

-In order to notarize your content forever in the Ethereum Mainnet, Certify Content function will send a fee of 0.001 Eth to a B2Lab wallet, Check Content and Content List are free.

-To avoid long waits we suggest to set gas price higher than 4 gwei

Have fun! 🙂


Click here to follow the project on Github.

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