Where do I start?

You can start using Bloki by clicking Sign Up button, after several minutes you’ll receive your Bloki credentials by mail.
After you can click Login, enter your Bloki credentials and create your first Asset by clicking Create New Asset button.
Now you are able to insert all the digital files you want by the function Add Transaction, and retrieve them by Verify function.


What are User Credits?

Every action in Bloki (Create new Asset, Add Transaction, Verify, Dissolution) has its cost in Points that will decrease the initial budget.



My Blockchain credentials are stored in Bloki?


Bloki can know which documents I’m uploading?


How many files can I upload for each transaction?


There’s a limit for the size of each file?


Which kind of files can I upload?


Why I have to wait time before verify my transaction?


There’s a transaction limit?


Why the dissolution transaction is marked in Red?


What functions can I use after the dissolution?


I will pay even if I have not flagged any transaction?
Can I download the files ?