GOTOCHAIN is the first application that allows you to manage
your documents and files in a secure and confidential manner
thanks to the 'team game' of the most effective digital technologies
(Public Blockchain, Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence)

GOTOCHAIN is your Digital Safe for your peace of mind.

Why does GOTOCHAIN ​​become indispensable?

Digital data and information are the ‘new oil’ and have great value: economic, professional, technological or, even, emotional.
Just as we have been doing for centuries to protect jewelery, money and valuables, it is time to worry about how to organize, store and make our documents, data and information available to other people.
Our professional and private life is full of data and documents that are ours. We want them to be ours for everyone and remain ours because they are precious and reserved!
However, doing as most people who put their documents on ‘keys’, hard drives, on the cloud, on their server or on centralized storage systems do is very dangerous. In fact people do not have exclusive control of the data; they can be stolen, the files can be forged. Malicious people can read, steal, modify your documents.

GOTOCHAIN ​​solves these problems.

To understand how GOTOCHAIN ​​works, imagine a bank vault deep in the safest bunker. There are hundreds of metal safes there. One of these is yours. With a Private Key – which you only have – deposit, store and collect jewelry, money and important paper documents. By doing this you are safer than having your watch of value at home, even if in a safe.

If we now return to the problem of managing your confidential and valuable data, GOTOCHAIN ​​is your personal and exclusive Digital Safety Deposit Box that works for data and documents such as a metal safety box that works for your jewelry and paper documents.
The ‘digital vault’ where GOTOCHAIN ​​is located is realized with the combined action of the Blockchain and Cryptography. You only know the Private Key associated with your Identity and allows you to manage documents, data and information in an exclusive, secure and tracked way. In particular, if a digital content is your creation it also allows you to record that it is yours, and only yours, and not others and you have all the legal evidence.

GOTOCHAIN ​​is for the digital what the metal safe is for valuable material goods.


Data Structure

Let’s see how information and content are organized within GOTOCHAIN.
The first aspect is that with GOTOCHAIN you create your Digital Identity that only you control.
Every single data or document you decide to add and that only you can enter in the space assigned to your Identity, is stored in a ‘box’ separate from your other ‘boxes’ and so that it is safe, easy to find and consult. . The same ‘box’ can contain a lot of information.

GOTOCHAIN is the application that allows you in a flexible, practical and economical way to safely manage all your data of any type:
title deeds, videos, photos, records, tax documents, graphic creations, diplomas, projects, health data …
This is only a partial list!
Help us complete it with your ‘creative’ use that you can do freely to meet your needs in security and flexibility.
Because we give you the ‘Digital Safe Box’ for free! You, and only you, you put in what you want!

Digital Identity

Gotochain allows you to have your Digital Identity uniquely associated with your Personal Identity (Digital Twin).
Manage all the operations you do with your Digital Identity with the Password that only you know.

Zero Knowledge

This definition indicates that B2Lab does NOT keep, on Gotochain or other systems, the files you decide to protect with the Blockchain and Cryptography.
Furthermore B2Lab does not keep the Password to access your Digital Security Box.


GOTOCHAIN complies with the GDPR including the so-called right to be forgotten thanks to the proprietary solutions for the Public Blockchain.


When you place your documents in the digital safe, the sequence of activities and their time stamps are certified

Thanks to GOTOCHAIN having your Digital Identity on Blockchain and encrypted is free!
GOTOCHAIN allows you to easily and independently activate your free account without any usage fee.
You only pay for the transactions you make using your prepaid credit.
Enter your email address to register, choose your rate plan, create your Digital Identity and start to secure your data.

Register, choose your rate plan and create your Digital Identity.
Finally, secure your data and documents !

Accedi a GOTOCHAIN se hai già il tuo Account gratuito

GOTOCHAIN for Professionals, Traders, SMEs (B2Pro)
Manage the documentation of your business and / or your customers with your private key

If you are a professional, an entrepreneur, a merchant you need GOTOCHAIN.
The digital safe in which to store any type of digital content in a secure, immutable and unassailable manner
(tax documents, titles, certificates, etc.).
Use GOTOCHAIN freely thanks to the private key of your free account.

GOTOCHAIN for Individuals (B2C)
Manage your and your loved ones' personal documents with your private key

If If you are a private individual, you need GOTOCHAIN to manage your digital content (documents, certificates, titles, photos, etc.) in a secure, immutable and unassailable way.
You have complete management by exchanging them with whomever you want. You need a free GOTOCHAIN Account!
With your GOTOCHAIN you will be sure to have put the data in a secure ‘archive’ with cryptographic algorithms on multiple levels.
Only you who have the private key can read and download them whenever you want, in full compliance with the law and in an environment that respects your privacy (GDPR), by design

GOTOCHAIN is available in the following languages

Digital Identity

GOTOCHAIN creates your Blockchain Digital Identity and "links" it in a certain, unambiguous way that is not opposable to your Public Identity


The documents inserted in the 'boxes' of GOTOCHAIN are 'indexed'. This means tracking down your files on the Blockchain is very simple because you search for them using 'keywords'.

Smart Contracts

GOTOCHAIN uses the proprietary Smart Contracts to allow the 'visibility' of the document to other Identities. The control of who can see or not his own document is only of the owner / Identity

GDPR Compliance

Gotochain complies with the GDPR by design and also resolves the Right to be Forgotten for the Blockchain component. Conforms to Article 17 of the GDPR. When the Identity decides oblivion for itself and for its digital contents certified on the Blockchain with a few simple operations it will delete everything and will no longer be available neither for the User himself nor for the others.


You can interrupt the document's life cycle (eg several successive releases). The managed documents continue to be available for reading but it is not possible to add others.

Legal Value of Storage

EIDAS Compliance.

Best Practice in Data Management

Your data, documents, digital content are managed, as well Certification of Ownership: you certify that you are the Owner of the Digital Contentas in a secure and non-hacking way, even in a structured and organized way to avoid future risks (loss, theft, confusion, ..).


B2Lab fornisce un help desk 5/7 OB con ticketing system e chat on line


The temporal order and the times (tolerance +/- 3 sec) of all operations are certified, tracked and verifiable. Every operation that makes the Identity is signed with the Private Key.

Proof of Ownership: you certify that you are the Owner of the Digital Content.
Proof of Conformity of a Digital Content with the original Certificate: check if the document you have is the same as a certificate with Smart Contract .
Proof of Existence of a Digital Content at a specific time point.

Blockchain,Cryptography and artificial intelligence are changing our lives!
Take a few minutes to watch the videos we've selected for you.

The countdown to the launch of GOTOCHAIN has begun. Scheduled times four weeks from today. Stay updated to be among the first to register and take advantage of the Early Bird Launch Offer!   (Update of September 11, 2019)

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