Bloki to manage digital assets

Bloki uses the Blockchain to securely manage Asset and Digital Certificates.
Identity certifies, owns and exchanges Digital Assets.

Bloki in Organizational and Industrial Processes

Organizational flows and operations in the various sectors. Bloki certifies that the activities have been carried out in the correct time and in the correct manner.

Bloki in Real Estate

Bloki can be used in real estate to certify the useful life of a property and for brokerage processes.
By certifying all the activities done on a property, the history of the building is guaranteed (Building issue)

Bloki & Fintech

Bloki innovates the transfer of ownership of an asset from one identity to another without the need for a centralized manager.
Can be used in all cases where notarized registrations are not required by law.

Bloki Digital Contents Pubblishing

Try Bloki to share your data securely and not counterfeit.

Bloki in Health

Bloki manages each Identity and transaction with the certainty that the health data is protected and accessible in a correct way.

Bloki for the truth

The Supplier associates  the contents with the Product that tell the story: the origin of the raw materials, as it was made and preserved, certificates of authenticity and originality, videos, certificates, etc. This Manufacturer / Product / History association is tamper proof.
These contents are inserted by the Supplier – and only by him – by signing each operation with his Private Key and are the self-certified and non-counterfeit story of the product. With the signature the Supplier assumes responsibility for the truth of what he is declaring about the ‘history’ of the Product.
The Consumer using his smartphone reads the history of the Product directly on the Blockchain. The certified contents give the truth to the Consumer who will always have secure answers, trust and truth.
Bloki is an immutable and fully accessible register that makes the Producer responsible, strengthens the trust in the Product and in the Brand, guarantees the Consumer and supports checks by the Control Bodies and Consumer Associations.

The products will stand out from those who have their story on Bloki (:) :)) and those that do not have their certified history (:( :().

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It's not important what your business sector is !
Bloki is the best Blockchain As A Service (BAAS) solution to manage the life cycle and ownership of your digital assets.
If you want a "your" Bloki environment, choose the Enterprise-Ready and White-Label version.
If instead you need a single account, simply register.
With Bloki you use the Blockchain to improve your business.
Find out how to do it.


Bloki allows to use the strength of the Blockchain (Disintermediation, Decentralization, Cryptographic keys, Digital signature, Data encryption, Decentralized processing)

Tamper proof

Bloki allows to manage the digital assets during the entire life cycle (title of ownership and digital certificates for jewelry, works of art, real estate, video) in a way that is not counterfeit, traceable and secure.


When an Organization or a Community needs to have content and 'history' of a secure Asset, Bloki provides a way to secure this branded information temporally.

Full Neutrality

Bloki guarantees full neutrality in Digital Asset Management.
Securities, Digital Certificates, Digital Contents are not stored in Bloki. Bloki does not 'hold' data.
Bloki is a Blockchain As A Service Platform built to not know the Customer's confidential data.

Does your organization or company need its own dedicated and “branded” Bloki environment with its own Logo?

Do you want a management of Bloki all inside your company and completely autonomous?

The solution is Bloki in Enterprise-Ready and White-Label version.

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Your company will really use the Blockchain in the easiest way!

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How to Become a Partner?

Does your organization or company  evaluating to enrich its value-proposition and enter the Blockchain sector?
Now you can make available
Bloki to your Customer , in Enterprise-Ready and White-Label versions.    We deepen together.
We have started a ‘Partnership Program’ with companies active on different markets.
We expect both the Wholesale mode and both the partership of Commercial  Collaboration.

If your company is interested below the steps to activate the partnership: send us a request.
After our preliminary evaluation – if positive – together define the Partership Agreement.
Finally, you start the sale of Bloki with our support and get your benefits!

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The complexity of the Blockchain becomes easy

It’s impressive how Bloki makes it
easy to use Blockchain Ethereum Mainnet
thanks to its innovative proprietary Protocol (cryptography)
and smart contracts


Manage the chain of ownership of a digital asset!

B2Lab proprietary Smart Controls are verified using international best practice methods and thanks to Bloki you can use them to build your Digital Identity and associate your Digital Asset with your Identity. Only you, the owner of an asset, can make the ‘transfer of ownership’ even at zero price to a buyer, in a few clicks.


help desk 5/7 OB ticketing system


For a more mnemonic identification Bloki has a system called "Transaction Info" that allows you to easily track digital content.
The transactions are linked temporally and without exception except the user can know the contents of the transaction.

Change of property

Bloki uses proprietary Smart Contracts to manage the change of ownership


With Dissolution you can stop the life cycle of your asset on Bloki in no longer editable way. The life cycle continues to be available for reading

cutting operating costs

You can lower your costs using Bloki

Scalable and customizable

Bloki is easily customizable.

It's not important what your business sector is!
Bloki is the best Blockchain As A Service (BAAS) solution to manage the useful life and possession of your digital assets