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Covid-19 emergency

The free SANISTORY service
for warranty
of the process
of sanitation

SANISTORY allows you to read the information on interventions and sanitizations carried out in any type of environment via QRCode

We are going through a very critical moment due to the COVID-19 health emergency. However, we will get out of it if we all do our part by placing the necessary attention in carrying out the various activities that mark our daily lives as citizens, as employees and consumers, as entrepreneurs and institutions.
At B2Lab we are aware of this and now, at the very beginning of Phase 2, we have decided to offer our contribution through the free distribution of a Digital Service for Certified Sanification Tracking carried out in compliance with the provisions of the integrated protocol on April 24 and inserted as annex 6 in the Prime Ministerial Decree of 26 April 2020.

SANISTORY is the Digital Service to ensure that the health protocols of intervention and sanitation (methods, sequence and times) are respected in the structures frequented, for various reasons, by people. In summary, SANISTORY

  • supports the Head of sanitation activities in organizing and securely storing the data that is generated over the days
  • guarantees and reassures those who stay in the various structures or those who attend them even for a short time about how and when the sanitation activities are carried out

SANISTORY allows anyone to read – in a simple, free and free way – the information (bulletins, reports, certificates, photos, etc.) relating to the sanitation of environments. The reading is carried out, using the smartphone, by framing a QRCode.
The most characterizing element of this solution is that the data, organized in sequence and accompanied by date and time, are read directly on an innovative computer system. SANISTORY is based, in fact, on the digital Blockchain technology, synonymous with security.

The QRcode reading can be done directly on site (company, office, shops, shopping centers, hotels, etc.).
The same is also possible from home, simply by reading the QRcode on the Company’s website. Each of us will be able to ascertain, in a guaranteed, transparent and reliable way, the “health quality” of the place where we must go even before leaving home.

B2Lab provides SANISTORY, free of charge, at no cost to Companies, Merchants and Professionals. Free is also the reading of information via QRCode which will also take place in a totally anonymous way. On B2Lab Systems, no data on the position of the person, on the holder of the SIM or smartphone are collected, analyzed and retained.