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Smart Contract Library

Here you can find some description of some of B2Lab Smart Contract List.
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Property Chain

With Property Chain Smart Contract you can implement tamper proof link between one Asset and one Digital Identity, realizing an immutable association between Asset ID and PID. At the end of the process a Property Title of the Asset has been created in favour of the Identity and the Property Chain is created.

Change of Property

This Smart Contract implements the payment assuring both the Buyer and the Seller. The Buyer is guaranteed because the Smart Contract checks the correctness of data entered both by the Seller and Buyer.
The Seller is guaranteed because the Smart Contract implements the change of ownership only if Amount is really present in the Escrow Service.


The Smart Contract Auditor is a tool that allow User to store a fingerprint of a document, certifying it on Ethereum Blockchain. Following Auditor can check if a fingerprint is stored on Smart Contract database. You can use this Smart Contract to notarize any file (pdf, xls, jpg, mp3 and so on) and verify for its integrity during the time.
Auditor is also able to store on Blockchain the report detail of all the audit for of certain file.

SC Planner

SC Planner is a Smart Contract that help you to manage all the deadlines of a process; you can plan activities on Blockchain digitally certifying all the milestones reached with signatures, data informations, timestamp and related documents. With SC Planner it is possible to design workflows involving IoT devices that interact with it, sending the measured values in order to trigger events or send reports.

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