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Your Digital Safe GOTOCHAIN is Running

Why does GOTOCHAIN ​​become indispensable?

Digital data and information are the ‘new oil’ and have great value: economic, professional, technological or, even, emotional.
Just as we have been doing for centuries to protect jewelery, money and valuables, it is time to worry about how to organize, store and make our documents, data and information available to other people.
Our professional and private life is full of data and documents that are ours. We want them to be ours for everyone and remain ours because they are precious and reserved!
However, doing as most people who put their documents on ‘keys’, hard drives, on the cloud, on their server or on centralized storage systems do is very dangerous. In fact people do not have exclusive control of the data; they can be stolen, the files can be forged. Malicious people can read, steal, modify your documents.

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